Something to celebrate

Something to celebrate

That calls for a toast

Do you have something to celebrate: a birthday, anniversary, staff party, promotional party, special dinner or just socializing? Then we have a match! Our conference center has several attractive rooms that are perfect for celebrating. Whether you come with 10 or 400 people: it is all possible!

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Every party is unique. And let that be the most beautiful challenge of our job! Because even though there is a lot of variation in a party, we always set ourselves the same goal. What that is? To create an ideal party venue that meets all your requirements and wishes! We are happy to take all the worry out of your hands to give you the perfect party. 


As described, a party is always unique. Fortunately, we switch styles very easily and our location lends itself to different purposes. It is possible that you are looking for a chic location to celebrate your promotion with your colleagues. But it may also be that you are looking for a location to have a casual/informal party with friends and family. 

Whatever the situation: our doors are always open!


A party is not complete without a bite & drink? Only it's important to know in advance what you want. Do you choose to have a cozy dinner or rather have small bites to go around between parties? In our inspiration guide you will find all the options such as buffets, walking dinner, barbecues, street food bites, appetizers and more. After dessert, or just as dessert, we will throw the plug into the dance floor and the party can begin. 

It is also possible to give the party an active twist. At our location we have several activities suitable for young and old! 


Yes you read that correctly: we are right in the middle! Oirschot is a village centrally located between the leading cities of Eindhoven, Tilburg and 's-Hertogenbosch. Our location is easy to reach both from the freeway as well as by road. In addition, we have the advantage of a spacious parking lot where all cars can park free of charge. Do you drive electric? Then it is possible to charge your car while partying!

Are you eager to party? Then make an appointment to drink a cup of coffee together. We will gladly discuss your wishes and all possibilities.

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