Together we go green!

The world is changing, becoming more conscious, healthy and responsible. You can choose to ignore it, but we believe that everyone can contribute to a greener future. Within our organization, we therefore attach great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

You may be asking yourself: what is CSR? In full it stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, also called sustainable business or social enterprise. A form of business focused on economic performance with respect for the social side and this within ecological constraints. In short: as a person or organization you take the environment into account and try to do business in a greener way. 

By implementing some sustainable aspects, we contribute to a better future. For example, our parking lot has two electric charging stations, there are 154 solar panels at our location and we are working daily to make our organization more sustainable.


Within our organization, we value the origin of our products. That is why we use local products as much as possible within our kitchen. For example, our barbecue meat comes from Vers Vlees Boerderij Polsdonk, we fry daily fresh eggs from Lekker'nei, we make our famous tomato soup with tomatoes from Kwekerij Smulders and we enjoy smoked catfish from Viskwekerij de Stroom. 


We also offer activities in the green, literally and figuratively. In fact, most of our activities take place on our outdoor grounds. An area of 4.5 hectares where literally only greenery can be found: grass landscape, shrubs and different types of trees. So while practicing our activities you really find yourself in nature.

Do you prefer to go out? You can do so with our environmentally conscious E-Choppers or Lowriders! Both vehicles are fully electric. This allows you to tour through the nature of Brabant in a green way. 


The youth has the future! They just need the space to develop their talents. Within our organization, we offer students this space in the form of internships and collaborations. 


Degree is not decisive for us, but we do look at the drive for wanting to develop. After all, our colleagues are happy to teach you all the tricks of the trade. Both in the waitressing department and in the kitchen, our internship supervisors have the title of learning master. 

We also offer internships in marketing, communications and business administration. 


Locally, we work with several schools to introduce future professionals to the hospitality industry. Because many high school students are unaware of the opportunities within this industry. They know that one can develop in the kitchen, service or as a host/hostess, but not that there are also (challenging) business issues. 

Through internships and putting away business-related assignments, we are trying to bring youth into the possibilities for the future. 

The climate is changing, but we like to change with it.

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