About the company

About the company


What do you do when you get the chance to take over a company with a rich past, its own character and opportunities for growth? Then you grab that challenge with both hands! And that is exactly what our colleague Niels van de Vondervoort has done. 

In the year 2021 Niels, supported by his girlfriend Anoek, took over the company at the Spoordonkseweg from John & Marja Schepens. A company whose first stone was laid in 1990 and whose last stone is not anywhere in sight!


Our organization has been located at Spoordonkseweg 80 in Oirschot since 1990. It was in that year that John & Marja Schepens took over café 'Bij Jantje' and transformed it into 't Kroegske. This was the start of a bright future, in which the company developed itself very much. 

In 1995, the De Stapperij conference center was built next to café 't Kroegske. This made it possible to organize parties and celebrations. A few years later (in the year 2000), De Stapperij underwent a metamorphosis and was expanded with several reception rooms. 

After several years of optimizing the catering formula, it was time for the next step: activities. This took shape in 2012 with the construction and opening of the Pitch&Putt golf course. A year before this realization, Niels joined the organization as manager of Dinercafé 't Kroegske.

Over the years, several activities were added, the venue was given another contemporary look and the terrace was upgraded. Niels has continuously developed during that time and joined as a partner in 2016. At the time with the thought of taking over the business in the future. These future plans turned out to be a reality 5 years later.

With the takeover, a fresh wind is blowing through the company: 'although an upgrade here and there, we don't want to lose what has already been built up'.

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